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Smooth Steel

Taylor Smooth Steel Door

A premium, insulated steel entrance door system that's specially designed for strength, security and durability.

A Durable Design

A Durable Design

  • Constructed of 24-gauge (22-gauge optional) hot-dipped galvanized steel for rust protection and superior durability; with a full steel-edge perimeter for additional strength and a Grade 40 security rating
  • Resists cracking, splitting, warping, twisting or rotting
  • Limited lifetime warranty for 22-gauge and 10-year warranty for 24-gauge doors

Maximum Strength And Security

Maximum Strength & Security

  • The lock area is reinforced with a full 4" x 10" composite lock block, for better structural integrity and security for door hardware

Greater Energy Efficiency

  • Fully insulated with an inner core of environmentally friendly polyurethane foam
  • Weatherstripping forms a tight weather-seal between the door, frame and threshold; preventing air infiltration
  • Easy slide-on door sweep stops air and water penetration and is not affected by temperature extremes
Adjustable Hinge Plate System

Optional Adjustable Hinge Plate System

  • Optional Adjustable Hinge Plate System, which allows for easy adjustment and alignment
  • Adjust the door up or down, and in or out for a tight weather-seal, without removing the door from its hinges

Panel Styles

  • All panels can be installed within single or double door systems, and hinged as left or right, and inswing or outswing 
Smooth Steel Entrance Doors

NOTES: Our doors have been tested, passed and certified under standardized tests for residential exterior doors. 

STD = standard definition

HD = high definition

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