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In 2010, Congress passed the Formaldehyde Emission Standards for Composite Wood Products Act establishing, for the first time, emission standards for formaldehyde from composite wood products and adding Title VI to the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA).  In the Act, Congress directed EPA to publish a final rule to reduce exposure to formaldehyde emissions from certain wood products produced domestically or imported into the United States.  EPA published that rule on December 12, 2016 (81 Fed. Reg. 89674). The final rule includes formaldehyde emission standards applicable to hardwood plywood, medium density fiberboard and particleboard, and finished goods containing these products.


The final rule includes provisions on: (1) labeling, (2) chain of custody requirements, (3) sell-through provisions, (4) ultra low-emitting formaldehyde resins, (5) no-added formaldehyde-based resins, (6) finished goods, (7) third-party testing and certifications, (8) auditing and reporting of third-party certifiers, (9) record-keeping, (10) enforcement, (11) laminated products and (12) exceptions from regulatory requirements for products and components containing de minimis amounts of composite wood products.

Timing: as of March 22, 2019, composite wood products must be labeled as TSCA Title VI compliant. These products include: hardwood plywood, medium-density fiberboard, and particleboard, as well as household and other finished goods containing these products. Laminated products not exempted from the definition of hardwood plywood must be tested and certified as meeting the hardwood plywood formaldehyde emission standard beginning March 22, 2024.


All Wausau Supply Co. brands in which regulated non-exempt materials are used in fabrication of the finished product are labeled as TSCA Title VI compliant.


California enacted the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act in 1986, commonly known as Proposition 65 (“Prop 65”).  Entities selling products in the State of California must comply with Prop 65.  Wausau Supply does not produce or fabricate products in the State of California, but because some of our products are sold to consumers in California, we provide information on Proposition 65 and the warnings required under Prop 65.

Wausau Supply is committed to compliance with Prop 65 and have added a warning to the bottom of each invoice to ensure continued awareness.

Due to the nature of your business and this requirement, you and your business may also be obligated to comply with Prop 65 warning requirements.  Under Prop 65, manufacturers, distributors and retailers making sales to customers in California are required to give a “clear and reasonable warning” for products containing one or more chemicals on the Prop 65 chemical list.  To fully comply with possible Prop 65 requirements, Wausau Supply sends a Prop 65 notification letter and agreement page annually to companies Wausau sells its products to and requests that the companies acknowledge their obligations under the law.

For a complete list of chemicals that Prop 65 applies to, go to

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Taylor Entrance Systems is a brand of Wausau Supply Company.


  1. Terms and conditions of product sales are limited to those contained herein. By accepting delivery of the products described in Wausau Supply Company invoice or other Wausau Supply Company documentation, Customer agrees to be bound by and accepts these terms & conditions of Sale unless Customer & Wausau Supply have signed a separate agreement which would govern. These terms & conditions of sale constitute a binding contract between Customer and Wausau Supply and are referred to herein as either terms & conditions or agreement Customer accepts these terms & conditions of sale by making a purchase, placing an order or otherwise shopping on Wausau Supply’s website. These terms & conditions are subject to change without prior notice, except that the terms & conditions of sale posted on the website at the time Customer places an order will govern the order in question, unless otherwise agreed in writing by Wausau Supply & Customer.
  1. Prices – All prices, discounts and transportation charges are in US Dollars and are subject to change without notice. Prices shall be Wausau Supply’s current prices in effect on the date of acceptance of the order unless otherwise agreed to by Customer and Wausau Supply. All general or special taxes, duties, fees, freight and insurance costs and any other charges imposed on or in connection with the order shall be paid by the Customer in addition to the price quoted or invoiced.
  1. Customer may not cancel or modify any special orders or production orders except upon terms in writing by Wausau Supply. In the event of cancellation or modification, Customer shall compensate Wausau Supply for all resultant costs and damages. All undelivered product may be cancelled by Wausau Supply, without incurring any liability to Customer if production becomes impracticable.
  1. Orders are not binding on Wausau Supply until accepted by Wausau Supply. All orders are subject to Wausau Supply management approval. Written quotes are void unless accepted within thirty (30) days from date of issue.
  1. Delivery will be arranged by Wausau Supply and will use its reasonable business efforts to meet any scheduled dates, but does not guarantee to meet them. Failure to make any shipments by scheduled dates does not constitute a cause for cancellation or damages of any character. In the event of delay in delivery requested by the Customer or caused by the Customer, Wausau Supply shall store products at Customer’s risk and expense.
  1. Wausau Supply shall deliver the products to the Delivery Point. Partial shipments shall be permitted. Wausau Supply is not responsible for any loss, damage or delay which may occur after delivering product to the Delivery Point. Title passes when product is delivered to the Delivery Point. Customer shall inspect the product upon receipt and any claims for shortages or other errors must be noted at the time of Delivery on Wausau Supply documents and supported by signed documentation. Claims for shortages or other errors must be made in writing to Wausau Supply within 10 days of receipt. Failure to give such notice shall constitute unqualified acceptance and a waiver of all such claims by Customer. No products may be returned to Wausau Supply for any reason without prior written authorization.


Payment Terms

Our standard terms are ¾% 15 days, Net 30 days*.

We consider a payment made on the day we receive the check in our office. We do not use the date on the check or the postmark date as the payment date. Payments made after the discount date are considered late and ineligible for any discount. Any discount taken beyond these parameters will be billed back to you on a new invoice with the PO: "Unearned Discount".

Accounts having past due balances are subject to delayed shipments until account is current.

Delinquent accounts are subject to a 1.5% per month service charge.

* For eligible customers.

Returned Checks

A service fee of $30.00 will be charged on each returned check.


For products produced by manufacturers, we have no direct liability for manufacturer's warranties and/or guarantees. We warrant no products either express or implied, other than to pass on the manufacturer's warranty.


Returned Policy Statement

To offer you the best possible service, we will make every reasonable effort in support of returning merchandise originally purchased from Wausau Supply Company (WSC).

We acknowledge that material returns are a necessary component of the sales process. We believe our policies to be fair and equitable. Our intent is to provide timely services, receive only materials that are resalable as new, and maintain the integrity of our policies.

General Policy

  • Please review your order with our driver at the time of delivery. The WSC driver will note any shipping errors or claims of damage. The driver will ensure appropriate and timely corrections are made.
  • Complete the Return Goods Authorization (RGA) form online and send to when your product to be returned is available for pick up.
  • Should your product not be available at the time of pick up, the original RGA will be cancelled. Please complete a new Return Goods Authorization when the product is available at your location.
  • As part of our returned goods receiving process, we inspect for product and quantity accuracy, as well as product integrity. We strive to put product back into inventory that we would be proud to sell to you again.
  • Should any discrepancies arise during our receiving process, you will be contacted by a Customer Service Representative.
  • Generally, returned product that does not meet integrity standards will be disposed of with no credit given. We acknowledge the impact this may cause, thus we'll provide appropriate information in advance of this action being taken.


  • A Return Goods Authorization will be issued based on invoice cost, less a 25% restocking fee.
  • Returned goods will be accepted within 120 days of the invoice date.
  • EWP returns will be accepted within 30 days of the invoice date.


  • For WSC to sell the product as new, the packaging and product need to be uncompromised. Things to look for include: water marks and/or damage, rips, tears, punctures, scratches or dirt/grime. If a product can be made resalable through cleaning, please do so prior to filling out an RGA as cleaning and/or repackaging is not part of the WSC return process.
  • A key step in the return receipt process is the transportation from your facility to ours. Please ensure the product is packaged and/or palletized so that it can be safely and securely transported to WSC.
  • Our driver will refuse any product that does not meet safety and quality standards.

Due to their perishable or custom nature, the following products are not considered returnable:

  • Product not stocked at a WSC location
  • Product noted as non-returnable on the original order acknowledgement
  • Discontinued and Closeout items
  • All stone product
  • Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF)
  • Concrete Pouring Tubes
  • EWP: 18″ & 24″ OSB Rim, 24″ LVL, Architectural GluLam Beams & Columns, 70, 90, 230, 360 & 560 Series Joists

Our Thanks

We understand that you could have utilized another service to fill your needs. You choose us. This means you trust us to help you meet your customer's expectations. It means we need to do what we say we're going to do, when we say we're going to do it. We commit to give you our best effort. Thank you for choosing us.

Revised 3/18/19


Taylor Entrance Systems is a brand of Wausau Supply Company.


Wausau Supply Company (WSC) has adopted the following policies to safeguard your personal information. We will limit the collection and use of personal information to what is necessary to administer our business.

WSC values the relationships with our customers and others who visit our site. We do not sell personal information or share it with any organizations outside WSC and its subsidiaries, affiliates and representatives, unless required by law or as disclosed to you before the information is collection.


WSC collects personal information from our visitors on a voluntary basis only. Personal information may include name, company, address, phone number, e-mail address, etc. We do not automatically collect personal information without your knowledge. We do not rent or sell your personal information to third parties. We may on occasion send you e-mail with news and information on our products, services and other programs that might be of interest to you. You will have the ability to unsubscribe from our e-mail list at any time.

To improve your visit to our sites, we may use "cookies" to obtain non-personal information. Cookies are text information files that your browser places on your computer when you visit a Web site. We may aggregate this data to analyze the viewing habits of our site visitors, but it will not be associated with any personal identifiable data.


When you submit personal information to WSC, we will only use it to:

  • Respond to your questions or comments.
  • Process your order.
  • Better understand your purchasing habits and needs.
  • Help us understand how we can improve our products, services and Web site.
  • Inform you about special promotions and product information.
  • Contact you to ask for your opinion or willingness to participate in certain events.


Privacy has always been important to WSC. We use appropriate technical and managerial procedures to protect your personal information and to prevent its disclosure outside of WSC. Only those authorized by WSC will be granted access to your personal information.

In addition to careful consideration about what information you share and who you share it with, we recommend as applicable that those providing personal information maintain good security habits. These include protecting and regularly changing your passwords, using computer virus protection, logging off when you finish using your computer, and considering the use of file or e-mail encryption programs.


Please be aware that other Web sites that may be accessed through our site may collect personally identifiable information about you. These information practices of those third-party Web sites linked to the WSC Web site are not covered by this privacy statement.


If you have any concerns related to the privacy of your personal information, please notify WSC's Information Technology department by e-mail at or via mail at: Wausau Supply Company, Attn: Webmaster, PO Box 296, Wausau, Wisconsin, 54402-0296.

We will make every reasonable effort to investigate and correct any issues promptly.


WSC retains the right to amend or discontinue this Privacy Policy at its discretion. Please review this policy section regularly for updated information.

Revised 2/7/19